Monroe Woodbury Youth Lacrosse, est. 2010. The goal of MWYL is the teach the youth of Monroe Woodbury the skills of Lacrosse as well as sportsmanship, pride and a good work ethic in order to grow the game and foster a sense of better citizenship.

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We added a lot more content here. We have a new FAQ page to answer all your questions re: Registrations, Equipments, Times and Locations, etc... Check out the new PARENTS INFO page and Code of Conduct. There is also now a PROGRAMS tab with info and pictures of the different kids programs we offer. Finally, don't forget to check out the VOLUNTEER Opportunities and Sign-up. Thank you. 

2014-15 Youth Lacrosse SATURDAY PRACTICES

The indoor team practices for the "2014-15 Spring Youth Lacrosse Program" is on-

March 28, 2015 - Saturday at MWHS Lower Gym

This is our last indoor session. We are open despite the snow.
(Please come in thru the front entrance as the school does not allow entry thru the backdoor.
Walk all the way to the left side of the building, 2 floors down.

A few reminders -
  1. Please come at the designated time allocated for your child's grade. See table below. 
  2. Bring all equipment required, specified in your registration confirmation, or read up here. Please encourage your kids to always wear mouth guards and athletic protector to be safe. 
  3. Bring water or Gatorade for drinking. Have them hydrate before, during and after the clinic. 
  4. WEAR YOUR MWYL PINNIE if you have it. New members will be provided one. 
  5. The school does not allow anyone to use the track at the top of the gym. Please follow the school rules.
2:00 - 3:00 pm Boys & Girls

Boys & Girls K-2
CHANGE: Boys Grade 3-4 will move to 3pm. 

3:00 - 4:00 pm Boys *NEW

Grade 3-4 **NEW TIME SLOT**

CHANGE: The Girls will move to 4pm. 

4:00 - 5:00 pm

Girls *NEW

Grade 3-4-5-6 and  **NEW TIME SLOT**
Grade 7-8  **NEW TIME SLOT**

CHANGE: There will no longer be Speed & Agility.

5:00 - 6:00 pm Boys Grade 5-6
6:00 - 7:00 pm Boys Grade 7-8
Paid registration is required to attend the team practices.


The REGISTRATION DEADLINE has passed (last Feb. 1)

by posted 03/28/2015

   I am very proud to share that many of our coaches and yours truly are now US Lacrosse Level 1 Coach CERTIFIED! As we finished lacrosse practices last Saturday, we prepared to wake up early Sunday morning to attend the level 1 clinic at Hopewell Junction NY. It was a full day of instruction from US Lacrosse certified trainers. We learned a lot of new things from defining our goals and philosophy, to safety, teaching techniques and new drills and games to use. We had a blast.

    We truly are blessed with having many dedicated coaches in our club. The best way to show appreciation is to THANK THEM, and to JUST SAY YES to volunteering. Click on that link and read this enlightening US Lacrosse Blog article about that. And sign-up for volunteering opportunities in our website.

    Look forward to seeing more new ideas from your coaches and leaders. Don't forget to thank them for their dedication and sign-up for volunteering and join us. Respond, post in FB, email us. We'd love to hear from you! Enjoy our pictures below.

by posted 03/20/2015

CONGRATULATIONS!!! to the 2015-2016 Monroe-Woodbury Girls High School Club team won the Hudson Valley Girl's Varsity Laxabunga Lacrosse Tournament on Feb 22, at the Hudson Valley Sports Dome in Milton, NY.  The girls beat Mahopac, Warwick, and Lourdes, to get to play Kingston in the Championship game.  Monroe-Woodbury won the championship by defeating Kingston 11-10 in sudden death overtime. YOU GO GIRLS!!!

Pictured in this photo are the Laxabunga 2015-2016 champs:
Top Row- Coach Sam Garnet, Gabrielle Varley, Alli Moore, Colleen Gaffney, Andrea Hill, Hali Vandermeulen, Marisa Davila, Anna Delaney, Coach Krissy Langenamyer. 
Bottom Row- Catherine Ruis, Spencer Pavia, Caroline Fitzpatrick, Jamie Lane, Julianne Humphrey.    

by posted 03/01/2015
We just completed the Rudolph Rumble Tournament

On Dec. 27, 2014, we had 2 boys team compete at the 

Rudolph Rumble Tournament

at the Hudson Valley Sports Dome
Milton NY.

Big Thanks to Coach Tony (5-6 coach) and Coach Mike (7-8 coach) for rallying the boys together and playing an awesome game. 

Good job boys & parents for your continued dedication to our sport! 



by posted 01/02/2015
WARNING: 2 Boys Helmets found Non-Compliant for Safety by NOCSAE

US Lacrosse article - NOCSAE Announces Two Boys Lacrosse Helmets are Non-Compliant with Standard - Cascade Model R and the Warrior Regulator

Parents, if you are purchasing a new helmet, please read this article beforehand. At this time, it is not safe to use it for clinics or games without the necessary modification made by the vendor. 

UPDATE 3 (Nov. 26)
Warrior has posted information for owners of the Warrior Regulator helmet on its website.Read the notice.

UPDATE 6 (Dec. 12)
Cascade has reached a NOCSAE-approved solution for the Model R helmet and has issued a statement for consumers on its website. Read the full statement here.


by posted 12/05/2014
MW Youth Lacrosse at the Cheese Festival

Cheese Festival - accomplished! Big thanks to our committee chairs (Bliss and Doreen), coaches (Sean, Eddie, Shaun, Jim, Larry, Aidan), parent volunteers (Rebecca) and board members (Ellen and Dan & Sharon) and kids! Without you, we couldn't have made it possible. Thanks to all those who stopped by. We didn't get any cheese but we had a lot of visits to our lacrosse shooting cage and booth. Go Crusaders! - Richelle

by posted 09/15/2014
MWYL 4th Annual Picnic

We had a beautiful day and good turnout at the 4th Annual Monroe-Woodbury Lacrosse Picnic. Thank you for all who came and celebrated our Spring Season with us. Thank you for the volunteers. And thank you so much to the Gagliardi's for hosting us. 


Enjoy the photo slideshow below - 


You can also find this in the Monroe-Woodbury Lacrosse Facebook page

by posted 06/18/2014
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